Welcome to the Lithuanian Disc Golf Cup 2020 with Latitude64– Stage 4 – Nedozinka (Zarasai)! One day PDGA C-tier tournament.

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When:18 July (Saturday)

Where: Nedožinka Disc Golf Course (directions)

COVID-19 requirements

Player's obligations regarding covid-19 rules (must fill for every player)

Registration link to metrix

  • I stage – from 05/07 8 pm (PDGA members, only LT players)
  • II stage – from 08/07 8 pm (only LT players, metrix or pdga rating 500+)
  • III stage – from 11/07 8 pm (ANY NATIONALITY, metrix or pdga rating 500+)

Registration ends on 16 July 11 pm.

Players are accepted after they register on metrix and pay fee. Please pay fee within 24 hours after registration. In case of huge number of applications to the tournament, unpaid registrations may be removed and then player would need register again (a player would be informed about it personally).

Max number of players - 90. After 80 spots are filled - other registered and paid players goes into waiting list. TD gives 10 wild cards not later than days before tournament.

Waiting list: 


  • MPO, FPO, MP40 – 15 EUR
  • MJ15 – 11 EUR

Payment info:

  • Bank trasfer only: Tadas Ūselis, LT09 7300 0100 0020 2818. Please indicate: NEDOZINKA 2020, name, surname.

If paid from waiting list but did not get a wild card - full refund (100%).

If player was accepted to the tournament, but cancels participation 24 hours before tournament (or eralier) - refund of the fee minus 5 EUR administration fee.

If player was accepted to the tournament, but cancels later than 24 hours before tournament or doesn't come to the tournament - no refund.

Food orders: https://bit.ly/NED20maistas 

Staying on site booking: guest house (kitchen, shower, WC, bedding) - call Andrius Navickas (+370 601 57747, e-mail andrnav * yahoo.com)

Course map.

Hole by hole. It's planned to play regular 18 holes (PAR 58). 12A hole can be added by TDs decision.

Format:2 rounds x 18. (can be changed to 2x19 by TDs decision)


  • MPO
  • FPO
  • MJ15 – born 2005 or later
  • MP40 – born 1980 or eralier



  • MPO, FPO, MJ15 ir MP40 one third of players shall be awarded, prize fund 46% of fee.
  • PDGA Pro players receives cash prizes. PDGA Am player or non members receives coupon for DG goods. PDGA Am members can ask for cash prize. In this case he/she automatically becomes PRO member.

Additional awards presented by Latitude64

  • Best player by mtrx divisions (best player, rating calculated on the last day of registration):
  • Metrix 751-799
  • Metrix 700-750
  • Metrix iki 699

Player wins the prize only if he/she did not win the prize in PDGA division.

In case of ties - CTP to #2 basket for spot marked by TD.

Additional prizes via lottery – one winner in each metrix division.

  • Longest put to #8 basket and CTP on #2 basket (during both rounds)



In case of ties for prizes, which can be divided equally - sudden death competition on holes #1 ir #2. If it's still a tie CTP to #2 basket from the spot marked by TD. CTP - closes to the pin, no matter where the disc is (in, on, or under the basket).

If prizes can be divided equally - no replay is organized.

If thee is a tie for 1st place in PDGA divisions - replay is organized according rules described above.



July 18 (Saturday)

10.00 Player meeting

10.30 – Start or round 1

13.30 – 15.30 Lunch break

15.30 – Start of round 2

19.00 – Awards



Darius Gricius, +370 687 81223, darius.gricius * DiscCity eu

co-TD Tadas Ūselis, +370 696 72200,  tadas.uselis * DiscCity.eu


Link to LT Cup page (in Lithuanian)


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